Magnacares is committed to bringing you leading Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy devices for improved Healing, Wellness & Performance.

Our mission is to introduce and expand awareness of the natural benefits of PEMF therapy. Working at a cellular level to jump start your body’s natural healing process, PEMF therapy is safe, easy to use and scientifically proven for effective pain relief and speeding recovery from injury & illness.

We not only promote our units, we also have an interest in a holistic approach to health that not only includes our supplemental therapeutic devices but also in recommending the consumption of organic food and drink as part of that complete approach to better health and wellness.

We believe that to maintain good and sustainable health requires attention to a number of issues and for anyone to reach a healthy state of body and mind these issues must be fully addressed.


Our mission is to introduce and expand awareness of the natural benefits of PEMF therapy and Nutritional Therapy throughout the world.


Our vision is for Magnacares to become the leading resource hub for PEMF & PEMF therapy information world-wide and to see our units accessed by everyone.


Numerous types of electro-medical therapy systems for the treatment of injuries and painful conditions both in humans and in animals have been developed over recent years. Amongst these, Magnetic Field therapy has been in use in the medical profession for over 60 years.

Recent worldwide research into the effects of magnetic energy on body tissue has resulted in a clearer understanding of how and why magnetism plays such an important role in the balanced operation of every cell in the body. We have natural magnetic emanations from the earth itself at close to 10Hz and the outer orbit Schumann resonance at 7.83 to 7.96Hz both of which have a subtle but important effect on all living matter.

The last 18 years have seen several types of electro-magnetic therapy units come onto the market. Most of these utilise ‘direct, ‘uni-directional’ or ‘alternating’ modes of operation.
All of these types have some benefit and have been used by clinics, hospitals and in the home.

MagnaPulse® and MagnaField® are a patented technology with extensive research and testing behind them are some of the most advanced and effective units available. It has been successfully used for many conditions and in many different countries since 1987.
Magnafield® was successfully trialed in a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial at the Monash University and Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia. The trials that were conducted during 1998-1999 showed conclusively that the Magnafield® was scientifically validate with proof of efficacy in pain relief and the rapid healing of damaged tissue.

“Pulsed Electro-Magnetic energy at the correct power and frequency mimic the body’s movement and cell recharging providing additional stimulation of what is in essence a natural phenomena”.
– Albert Einstein, September 17th 1954