Are the units safe to use and are there any side effects?

There have been no reported safety issues or side effects since the MagnaField and MagnaPulse were invented.

Can I use The MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® with hip or knee replacements and other titanium joints?


Can the MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® be safely used with Pacemakers and defibrillators?


Can the MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® be used in conjunction with Insulin pumps and other implants e.g. colostomy bags , feeding tubes, catheters and oxygen breathing apparatus?



Can The MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® be used with inner spring mattresses and water beds?


Is It safe to use The MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® during pregnancy?

Yes. We suggest a setting of 0.5 Hz when pregnant and postpartum.  The therapy relieves period cramps when set at 8 or 16 Hz.”

Is The MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® safe to be used around babies and young children?

Yes.  The devices can also be used to alleviate teething symptoms.

Can the MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® be safely used in conjunction with other treatments e.g. Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, drug and alternative medicine treatments?



Does The MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® create any heating of tissue, metal or other implant materials?

No, it operates at an extremely low frequency (matching predominant brain frequency activity) and at very low intensity levels (similar to cell energy levels). MagnaField® oeprates in 20 minute cycles on and off. MagnaPulse® operates in 5 minute cycles on and off.

Do I need to switch The MagnaField® off when not in use?

No. The MagnaField® draws less power than a light bulb and is intended to be left on indefinitely because continual switching on and off can adversely affect the transformer over time.


If there is a power cut or if you have deliberately switched off and moved the MagnaField®, you will need to set the frequency again.  Refer to the instruction booklet on how to reset the device.

What batteries does the MagnaPulse® use and how long do they last?

Two Alkaline AA batteries which lasts on average 6 months.

Do not use rechargeable batteries as they will affect the frequencies.

What conditions can you use the devices for?

Conditions are irrelevant because of the way in which The MagnaField® and MagnaPulse® devices work.

They address the cellular condition by helping the cells improve their energy levels and nutrient intake whilst ensuring that waste products are efficiently removed.
The outcome is the repair and regeneration of damaged cells.

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