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PEMF Therapy works at a cellular level to jump-start your body's natural healing and to promote optimal wellness.
Hows Does PEMF Work


MagnaField® is our premier FULL-BODY PEMF therapy device. This lightweight portable device can be conveniently placed anywhere in your home to create a field of energy powerful enough to provide you, your family and pets with full body repair and regeneration at the same time.

MagnaField® provide a coverage of upto 3 metres to feel energised and rejuvenated.

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Our MagnaPulse® device is small enough to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, pocket or handbag and delivers constant therapy whilst on the move. The compact design allows you to apply focused PEMF energy to specific areas of the body requiring healing and therapy.

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Natural pain-relief with PEMF How does it work?

Like oxygen, food, water, air or sunlight, science has proven that the naturally occurring Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) energy emitted by the earth is something we cannot live without.

PEMFs play an essential role in keeping the body free from pain, sickness and disease. These frequencies are so critical that NASA and other space agencies equip space suits and space craft to specifically mimic what naturally occurs on earth. Everyone can benefit from PEMF therapy. Whether you are in chronic pain or have a debilitating condition. Want to speed up the healing process or just want to obtain optimal health. Properly designed PEMF therapy devices are a safe and non-invasive treatment that work at the cellular level to ‘Jump-Start’ the body’s natural Healing, Wellness & Performance.

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What People Are Saying.


Sadly, we discovered I am not suitable for the test drugs they wanted to put me on, but i went to see a very interesting man called Erdal Mehmet who introduced me to a PMF machine, which has something to do with magnets and breaking up the blood cells in my body.

I did try the magnet for a month, and i had hoped that when i went to the clinic again I would see my markers had gone down, but sadly i dont think I am going to be here long enough for them to take hold.

I do recommend anyone in the early stage of cancer to go and talk to him.

Lynda Bellingham

An Extract from There's Something I've Been Dying to Tell You, Page 264

Elizabeth Webb

My words seem inadequate in expressing the overwhelming benefits of MagnaPulse! My personal case is fairly ordinary; I'm in my 50's and in recent years had incurred lower back pain, joint pain and stiffness as a result of my very active lifestyle (golf, tennis, skiing, riding, hiking & mountain biking). Yoga, stretching and Aleve (NSAID) cured about 60% of my aches & pains.

Elizabeth Webb

Eddie Hall

"I recognized what Magnacare was doing for me from my own trial, but with the stamp of approval from scientists like Michael Clark and his test studies, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about what Magnacare does for me. Without the Magnacare units I feel I would return to sleepless nights and a lack of energy during my training sessions very quickly."

Eddie Hall