Frequently Asked Questions:

What is P.E.M.F.?

P.E.M.F. is a system of artificially mimicking the extremely low natural frequencies (ELF) that the Earth produces both high in the atmosphere (Schumann (7.83Hz)) as well as on and below the planet’s surface (Geomagnetic (10Hz))

What are these frequencies and how important are they?

Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies are vital to the wellbeing of all living things. Without them any cellular creature, of which mankind is but one species, would become very ill.

How does P.E.M.F. help with health?

The Magnacare units were designed to reproduce natural Earth and body frequencies (ELF’s) so that they interact with the cellular structure in the same way that Schumann and Geomagnetism do. When a person is ill, irrespective of the condition, it is the cellular structure of that individual that has been compromised whether it is because of bacterial, viral or any other attack by outside influences. The cells become depleted and no longer operate efficiently. This depletion, caused by the illness, shows as lack of nutrients that the cell needs to function correctly. Magnacare P.E.M.F. units increase the functionality of the cells and by doing this helps the body to heal.

What kind of nutrients do the cells need?

All cells in the body need Calcium, Oxygen, Glucose, Potassium and Magnesium to correctly function. Calcium, Oxygen and Glucose are essential for the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the basic ‘fuel’ needed to drive the mitochondria which are the cells main energy producers. Health is an energy dance … the more energy your cells have the healthier you will be.

Are the units safe to use and are there any side effects?

There have been no reported side effects in the 28 years Magnacare have been manufacturing and selling PEMF units. Magnacare PEMF units are the only units that can be used if you have a pacemaker fitted which demonstrates how natural and gentle the waveforms and power levels used are. Magnacare units can be used continually 24/7/365.

What conditions can your units help?

Conditions are irrelevant because of the way in which the Magnacare units work. They address the cellular condition by helping them to improve their nutrient intake, waste product disposal and energy levels. By doing this the units assist in the repair and regeneration of damaged cells irrespective of what the condition is that has caused the damage in the first instance.